Rancho Mirage, CA

I had the pleasure and honor to meet Lee Jason. Lee opened his heart his soul and his arms to me, he helped me to overcome long time & deep scar in my heart. He helped me to like my self. He has an incredible passion and dedication for people in need, meeting Lee is the best thing that happened to me in a very long time

Joshua Tree, CA

I am in a spot where I want and find myself in the need of a coach. You are by far the most spiritual and connected one I know


NYC, New York

Lee helped me to find the second chapter in my life. After my kids went off to school and a subsequent divorce, I found myself lacking purpose. Together, Lee and I developed a strategy to really discover who I am and what makes me happy. I am so grateful our paths crossed and each conversation leaves me feeling excited about the future


Atlanta,  GA

I've know this great man a little over a year now and am blessed that my journey and my path to enlightenment and a better life has crossed his. I can honestly say that my life wouldn't be the same if this man wasn't there for me, coaching, inspiring and challenging me to live a more joyful life.