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Mindful Minimalism: Clearing Your Stuff To Open Your Mind

It took me all of thirty-seven years to learn that material possessions do not equal success. Retail therapy does not provide lasting happiness, and our joy is not elevated by the amount of “stuff” we acquire. In fact, I’ve learned that the opposite often holds true. The more we own, the more we feel suffocated. Not only does acquiring stuff clutter your house, it can also clog your mind. It’s hard to enjoy a life that is full of stuff and thoughts which no longer serve you.

I started wondering why I always felt so much more relaxed in hotel rooms than I did in my own home. After all, aren’t our homes supposed to be our sanctuaries? Our refuges from the chaos of the outside world? The more I thought about it, the more I realized why these places that were not mine were so relaxing. They were, for the most part, free of extraneous…stuff. There were no knick-knacks cluttering up the surfaces. There was bare wall space not weighed down by art, and photos, and shelves. It was peaceful. I could breathe.

It was hard to mimic that feeling at home. I had so many collections, and items I was keeping for sentimental reasons (or guilt), and other items that really served no purpose and didn’t really bring me much joy. (Thanks, Marie Kondo!) I slowly began shedding all of the unnecessary things that I had accumulated over the years. When I moved to Palm Springs twelve years ago, I had a carry-on and two checked bags. How in the world did I have so much stuff now?

Some things have been harder to let go of than others, but I just focus on the immense relief I feel when I can walk into a completely uncluttered and open space. When I lose something now, I can find it easily because there’s not so many places that it could hide. When I have guests over, it doesn’t take me hours to straighten up the house

The principles of minimalism can apply to so many aspects of your life. It helped me and I’m positive it can help you. 

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