Accessing Your Reflective Soul

Most likely as a child or young adult there was a time where you felt that the world was yours and that you could accomplish anything you set your mind to achieve. The sky was big and you not only felt you could reach for the stars but you could lasso the moon. In other words, you dreamt big and had no fear of failure or rejection.

There was also likely a time that some one, some thing, some event or some place brought you great joy. It was not just a passing feeling. Whatever “it” was, the feelings associated with “it” are deeply engrained within your soul. Perhaps the feelings associated with “it” are something you recall to help you through tough times, but most likely that person, event, place or thing has been buried and is rarely thought of, if ever.

Whatever “it” was, the reason it resonated with you is likely because it went deep to your inner soul. As you experienced “it” all was right with the world and the more you thought about “it” the more joy it brought you.

Think about it. How many times has the smell of a particular food taken you back to a time in your life associated with good memories? Perhaps the smell of chocolate chip cookies reminded you of your grandma’s recipe. From that one smell not only can you imagine Grandma cooking them, you can also imagine the taste and other sights and sounds associated with that special time with your grandmother. In this case the chocolate chip cookies would be your “it”.

Or perhaps just by looking at a photo you are transported back to a time and place of great joy. As you think about this particular memory specific details begin to surface. Memories that you hadn’t thought of for a very long time. When these moments occur you have tapped in to what I call your reflective soul.

Sadly most of us do not tap into our reflective souls nearly as much as we should. More importantly it is not so much as no tapping into those memories, it is is more so that we are not aware of when we do. When something happens that makes us smile and experience happiness we tend to enjoy it at the time, but are quick to let that feeling flee and return to our busy lives.

As a life and mindfulness coach and the founder of Reflective Soul Coaching, I specialize in helping folks to not only tap into earlier feelings of joy and limitless possibilities from long ago, I teach others how to create access points to all things that bring them joy and recreate the feelings associated with them.

If you, like me, love roller coasters you know the exhilaration and excitement of riding a particularly thrilling coaster. In the average three minute ride of a roller coaster you are likely to experience a multitude of feelings. While it is impossible to ride a roller coaster anytime you want to feel any one of those assorted feelings, you can use access points to feel any one or more of those feelings by revisiting your reflective soul.

Of course there are more practical uses for tapping into your reflective soul than reliving a roller coaster ride. Imagine being able to get that job you have been afraid to apply for simply by accessing a point in your reflective soul where you felt completely capable of achieving anything. Simply by accessing that time in your life when you felt invincible you can gather confidence to walk into an interview and increase your chances for getting hired greatly.

Using mindfulness techniques and my extensive coaching skills, I work with clients to discover who they are within their reflective soul and harness those feelings to create a life of their choosing. Anyone can tap into their reflective soul anywhere and most importantly at any time.By learning to tap into and create new access points, I have seen my clients accomplish great things.

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