The Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

For anyone who has ever felt like they are trapped in their current pattern and tied to one mistake after another, finding a way to self improvement can be challenging and seem impossible. However, life coaching may be the answer. If you feel as though you are living a reactive life instead of a pro-active life, it's time for a change. Finding a mentor is the first step to make permanent positive changes.

You may be wondering what a life coach is. Though certified in life skills or other areas, they are not therapists or counselors. Find one that seems best suited to your needs and preferences.

They work by taking an active approach to working with people in the most important areas of life including relationships, careers, families, and even finances. Their work is accomplished through meeting regularly, assignments, setting specific goals, and monitoring progress continually. According to a recent study done by USA Today, there are about 10,000 life coaches working in the US today.

One of the benefits is that since their title is coach rather than counselor or therapist, they have an easier time attracting people who might be wary of traditional self-help methods. Depending on your specific needs and wants, there are different benefits to having a life coach. One in particular is helping to smooth the transitions through bumpy stages in life. This can be great when changing careers or jobs, or dealing with unexpected changes.

A main benefit of having a life coach is re-evaluating your life and your goals in order to make changes. They have a broader perspective than the individual and can more easily see areas of improvement. That person may want you to write down short and long-term goals and then after seeing the goals, develop strategies to reach those goals. Their primary role in this case is motivation and problem-solving. It's hard to see a situation that you are already in the middle of, and a life coach offers much needed perspective that is unbiased.

Another benefit is they also help to prioritize people's lives, helping to have improved relationships, recognize their core strengths, simplify their lives, and have a better aptitude in all areas of life. Most people have the intelligence to have wonderful lives, but can often get caught up on small things and be unable to work past those barriers. A life coach helps you to get beyond whatever is holding you back, working towards building a better future.

In short, they bring a fresh perspective, professional experience, and a dedication to helping you achieve your dreams. They work to make you lose detrimental practices and habits and become a more effective person in all areas of life. Once you are ready to break out of the past and work towards a new life, working with a life coach is the best way to achieve those goals.

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