How To Be More Positive. RIGHT Now!

Maintaining positive thoughts always and each day makes a big impact on how we live our lives, and on how we achieve happiness and fulfillment with it. However, learning how to get rid of negative thoughts can be difficult, especially if you have been surrounded by negative people most of your life.

But of course, you can do something about it. You don't have to live your life with anger, with resentment, with doubt and all other negative things that can make your life miserable and unhappy.

1. Guard your thoughts. We all know a negative thought if we have one - thinking bad about your neighbor, doubting the intentions of your best friend, lashing out on another driver on the road or making up your revenge plan for an ex or someone who once hurt you. You may even have tons of negative thoughts about yourself. To get rid of negative thoughts, you have to be aware, and when you spot a situation that negative thoughts start to cloud your mind, find something around you that you can think of positively.

Distract your negative thoughts as soon as possible. Instead of thinking that you are not good enough for the job, you can condition your mind to think you are good because your boss selected you to do the job.

2. Lessen your time watching the news. Most often, we get more bad news than good ones and listening to the crimes, inflation, war and many other negative things can make us feel more anxious and more worried. It will also lead us to doubt more and think negatively about anything and everything. Although we need to be paranoid sometimes especially when it comes to our safety, you can however lessen negative thinking especially if they are useless.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. One of the simplest tips to help you get rid of negative thoughts is to be with positive people. A positive attitude is contagious and of course, negative thoughts are too. Learn from the positive thinkers and stay away from people who have lots of negativity in them. They will only discourage you, put your down and shake your self-confidence.

4. Practice positive affirmation before you start your day. Positive affirmations are statements that will help you reach out to your subconscious and help you get rid of negative thoughts stored deep in there. Your subconscious plays a big part in the way you act and thus, techniques like positive affirmation helps re-train your mind to think positively and act positively as well.

5. Make use of the power of subliminal messages. You can also get rid of negative thoughts by feeding your subconscious with positive statements that you may not be able to perceive with your conscious mind. This is the subliminal message technique where you watch videos where positive subliminal messages are flashed quickly, not for you to read or see but for your subconscious to take. This way, your subconscious will be cleaned out of the negative attitudes and thoughts.

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