Developing Your Mind to Manifest Using Mindfulness and The Law of Attraction

One of the keys to manifestation through the Law of Attraction is being able to harness the mind's ability to focus for long periods of time.

When you develop the mind to do what you want, you will realize how fast it will help you achieve your desires.

How to Strengthen Your Mind for Better Manifestation

Strengthening your mind is an exercise that takes time and perseverance.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or someone who wants to better manifest, you can benefit greatly from disciplining the mind.

Even if your desires lie elsewhere, strengthening your mind will improve your life through every goal you wish to attain regardless of your beliefs or model of reality.

There are 2 principles that will guide you to strengthening your mind:

1. Focus on your goal

Have you ever been in a crowded room talking to one person and still hear everything they say even though many people are screaming across the room? It's as if the person we are talking to is the only person in the room. When you focus, you block all irrelevant noises that impede on your intent and helps give you the energy to do what you want.For manifestation, our perception is reality and our perception is influenced by our focus.

If you focus on the negativity, your experience becomes negative and you lose your energy, making your intent to manifest scattered into the void. But if you focus on the positive, your experience will accumulate in energy, providing you the path to your manifestation.

2. Avoid Distractions

Although it sounds simple, it is far from easy. In the 21st century, the numbers of distractions are ever increasing in our lives. When we are distracted, our energy is scattered. If we want to manifest our goals, we want our intent to be laser-focused.

I was watching a video of a water jet cutting through stainless steel gears and was amazed by the focus power of water. Even though it was water, it acts as a laser. Because the energy was so focused, the pressure of water (about 60,000 psi) was strong enough to pierce through solid objects. Just as water jets require greats amount of energy, manifestation requires an equally great amount of energy. When you give one thought with great energy, it penetrates the sphere of reality and influence the world around you.

How much power do we see when someone speaks with determination rather than with displeasure?

Determination, courage, and confidence all comes from the use of greats amount of energy to sustain the state of mind and penetrates the hearts of mankind in achieving one's desires. Lower vibrational energy manifests in lethargy and tiredness, giving way for others to stampede on your reality.

Like Mind, Like River

Our mind is like water, it is always moving. Thoughts flow down like river streams.When we add more intents (more distractions) into the river, it becomes polluted. Think of a river with tires, socks, cans, bottles, mattresses, cigarettes, ripped books, and leftover foods. These represent the mundane things we think of each day. As it fills up the river, the water becomes cluttered with junk. The clear blue stream becomes a murky dark color, creating a blockage in the streams that stop the flow of the river.

When our mind is cluttered with random thoughts, fears, negativity, worries, fantasies, and other distractions, we cannot focus our energy in the present and we cannot focus our energy on what we want to achieve. Instead, we get tired. We grow weary. And we become indecisive and do nothing. So many thoughts, so little time. We want to discipline our mind so that the streams of consciousness continually focus on going in a straight line.

The fastest path to our goal is the straight line. Everything else is a distraction.

Mind Discipline Meditation

Here is a method for strengthening your mind for manifestation and any goals you wish to achieve.

When your mind is clear, cleansed from clutter, your focus will improve. Your cleansed mind, like a child who takes a bath after a long day of playing in the mud, will help you manifest your desires. It is best to start one step at a time, for a week. Then, we can add the next step when we are ready after the first week.

1. Become aware of your thoughts in meditation

You will realize that each time you practice awareness of your thoughts, the number of random thoughts lessen on your next practice until it becomes nothing. This is because your awareness is the combatant to clearing the random chattering in your mind. The illusion of your thoughts ceases when there is awareness.

Let all thoughts pass like the wind.

Sit down on a chair or lay down.

Relax and get comfortable. Do not allow anyone to disturb you in this process.

Close your eyes.

You will begin to notice thoughts running through your mind. It appears to come out of nowhere. It may be very old thoughts, regrets, fantasies, your relationship status, work related issues, noises outside, tomorrow's weather, why chocolate chip cookies are round, do aliens exist?, inspirational thoughts, images of kittens in a small flower-decorated basket, etc.

Be the observer.

Allow the thoughts to rummage through the mind without any effect on you.

Do not engage the thoughts in any way!

No matter what comes in your mind, realize that they are illusions and will come to pass.

Having patience is key.

2. Practice keeping your thought on the present task

Outside of meditation, complement your practice by focusing on the task at hand in whatever you are doing.

If it is time to wash the dishes, think nothing else but wash the dishes.

If it is time to read novels, think nothing else but your novels.

How does keeping your thought on the present looks like?

If you are reading this right now, most likely you are not focusing on anything else but reading this. You should now realize that you do have the power to focus.

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