Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works

For many years people have been sharing their beliefs in the benefits of mindfulness meditation. Recently, as mindfulness has gained popularity, folks from all over the world have been experimenting with mindfulness meditation and claiming to have had benefits such as a reduction in stress, clarity, better relationships, etc.

While most people would agree that a regular meditation regimen does produce positive results , until now there have been very few clinical studies to actually verify these claims. Most of the “data” supporting the benefits has been handed down through word of mouth and personal experiences. Most notably, Buddhist monks have been practicing mindfulness meditation for years and shared their benefits and are often referenced by supporters sharing the benefits.

True believers can now take joy in knowing that their claims of benefitting from mindfulness mediation have been clinically proven to be the true. For the first time, a controlled study was conducted by psychiatric schools around the country including, Carnegie Melon, Ohio State University and several other well respected institutions.

The study, published in Biological Psychiatry, showed how mindfulness meditation can have a very positive effect on peoples brains and ultimately lead to better physical and mental heath.