Spiritual and Conscious Entrepreneurship

Many of us have dreamt of being entrepreneurs and working for ourselves since childhood. Whether it was selling lemonade in from our front porches or trading stickers on the playground, somehow we just knew that we were destined to have

our own business. The one common thread that most of us share is that we all had a creative vision and we have decided to share our vision with the world.

Becoming any entrepreneur is somewhat that anyone with imagination, focus and determination can achieve. Entrepreneurship is more about gut instinct and passion that it is possessing a fancy college degree. Many successful entrepreneurs have done well, not because of their schooling business acumen, but because they were completely conscious of who they are. These are folks who are completely aware of their place in the universe, and how by manifesting their dreams, they can prosper the world all while achieving personal and professional success.

Also called Spiritual Entrepreneurs, a Conscious Entrepreneur is very in tune with his or her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. It is this alignment with those key attributes that allows for the Conscious Entrepreneur to thrive in all aspects of their life.

Knowing that when we do what we truly love, money is sure to follow, Conscious Entrepreneurs are concerned with much more than their businesses’ bottom line and financial success. Their main drive is far beyond fancy cars and huge homes. It is, however, often more about building a business that is bigger than themselves. This allows a freedom that will undoubtedly lead to greater joy. This brings the entrepreneur a greater sense of purpose, which serves as greater motivation to go further and dream bigger.

By being more consciously aware and implementing that awareness in business, the Conscious Entrepreneur will become a part of a community that recognizes their contribution which will be reflected by more clients, a higher profit margin and a real sense of accomplishment.

Undoubtedly the number of Conscious and Spiritual Entrepreneurs is on the increase as people seek to find purpose in our crazy world, but do you have what it takes to be a Conscious Entrepreneur?

What Are The Key Tenants of Being A Spiritually Conscious Business?

  • Treat everyone with respect, kindness and acceptance.

  • Be environmentally responsible.

  • Think beyond profits.

  • Be a part of and give back to the community.

  • Attract and Reflect the success you desire.

  • Have an attitude of gratitude

  • Never self doubt and lose your focus.

It should go without saying that you cannot become a Conscious Entrepreneur if you are not already a conscious person yourself. You'd be surprised how many prospective clients seek me out wanting to be a Conscious Entrepreneur when they don't have any idea of what it is. That is where I come in. I help clients to truly discover their level of consciousness and spirituality and work together to raise their personal awareness of and connection to both.

Through Reflective Soul and Mindfulness Coaching I work with clients to truly discover their connection to their soul's pre-destined purpose and joy. Together we develop strategies to become more more conscious in all aspects of their lives. Soon they get a new appreciate of the universe and their place in it.

Every client is different in how they approach and raise their level of consciousness. That is why I tailer each clients coaching based on their

starting spiritual and consciousness levels. I have worked with those completely new to consciousness , as well as those who are quite in tune with their inner self and higher purpose. We all have the ability to spiral upward, so regardless of where you are on your journey I can assist you to move even further up the conscious spiral to achieve that which your desire most.

When you approach all aspects of your life though a place of inner peace and purpose suddenly the universe opens up to you in ways you never imagined.

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