Finding Mindfulness Everywhere

So many times I hear people saying that they need to go to special places such as the ocean or even India to really experience Mindfulness. For me I make it a point to find it everywhere, especially close to my own front door.

Recently I found a desert oasis near my home in Palm Springs, California. It has been there for many years and yet I never noticed it. Within 10 minutes I found myself in one of the most breathtaking desert views I have ever seen.

When we truly start to practice Mindfulness we discover places, people and things that were right there in front of us, yet we passed them by without notice. Please join me as I walk this desert landscape and allow yourself to enjoy the music written by my good friend, Nathan Snow.

Hopefully my journey will inspire you to set out to find places in your own community where you can meditate or just relax, being mindful of the beauty and majesty that is so near.


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