1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

1. How has someone in your life in the past used words to “cast a spell” on you? What was it?

2. Can you let that “spell” go and agree to no longer let it be part of your story? Take a moment and release that person (forgive) and yourself from that “spell”.

3. Now think of someone in your life who used their word with impeccability and created a confidence and belief in you that helped you grow, and love yourself more. How has that made a difference in your life? (You may want to consider writing that person a note or telling them in person how grateful you are for that gift)

4. How have you recently used your word impeccably to help someone else? Where and when was it? Did it have an effect on you and if so how?

5. Make note of 3 people with whom or situations where you can practice using your word impeccably in the next week.


2: Don’t Take Anything Personally

6. When are you most likely to take things personally?

7. What triggers you to do so?

8. What people “offend” you most often and cause you to fixate on yourself (and taking things personally)?

9. Identify 1 person that most often causes you to take things personally and commit to NOT taking anything they say personally for the next week. Who is that person? When you find yourself about to take something personal say this “this is not about me it is about “them.” And then either don’t respond – just let them work through it. Or, respond in a kind and loving way if appropriate (similar to the example we gave in the audio).

3: Never Make Assumptions

10. Can you think of a time when you made an incorrect assumption that led to you feeling a lack of confidence?

11. What was the actual truth that was revealed that made you realize you had made a wrong assumption?

12. Can you think of a situation right now where you may be assuming something that really is not true?

13. What if your assumption is wrong? How can you confirm the truth?

4: Always Do Your Best

14. What is that ONE thing you will do for the love of it and not the reward – doing your absolute best?

15. Is it something that will inspire you and build your confidence? How so?

16. When will you do it?

17. How will it feel when you complete it?